#FitForFashion Legiteamate Activewear: Coach Eric Wicaksana – Aktif Itu Harus

From boosting your mood to sharpening your memory, regular exercise can significantly improve your life. Legiteamate, The F Thing’s own in-house brand, has launched its Active collection to serve your workout, to be more comfortable, durable, and yet stylish. To support a healthier lifestyle, the brand launched a Fit for Fashion project. Legiteamate Active mengundang coach Eric Wicaksana (@eric_wt) sebagai host untuk memandu body building exercise di dalam video tersebut bersama health influencer Agnes Cassandra. Bagi Eric, seluruh keluarganya udah punya kegemaran yang sama: having a healthy lifestyle. He figured out by himself that he’s into body building exercise after years of doing basketballdoing sports has a lot of beneficial aspects.

People are aware that being active and productive on a daily basis is important. As a coach, what would you advise to those who rarely have the time to be active due to work?
Gue percaya kalau kita didesign nggak untuk cuma diem all day. Jadi, kita perlu bergerak supaya tulang kita kuat, otot kita kuat, sirkulasi darah kita lancar, dan itu semua penting untuk jangka panjang. So, it’s important to stretch out or just do light cardios every once in a while, karena kalian akan tahu betapa pentingnya itu untuk jangka panjang nanti.”
To motivate others is one thing, but to self-motivate is another thing. And you chose to be a coach. How do you motivate yourself to do that?

Gue sendiri udah mulai fitness dari SMP. I did my own research about this fitness cardio workout since I got bored with basketball and as I already adopted this healthy lifestyle sampai gue kuliah di US. Banyak teman gue yang akhirnya minta bantuan gue untuk punya lifestyle yang sama, jadi akhirnya banyak yang gue bantu dan itu fun buat gue. Nggak cuma fun supaya mereka bisa stay in shape, tapi agar gue juga bisa self-improvement untuk mengajak orang ke lifestyle ini. Jadi, mulai dari sana gue termotivasi terus untuk membagikan pengalaman gue and also what I have learned over the years about fitness in general, sampai sekarang.”

How do you usually cope with stress? Is workout one of your ways to relieve stress?
“Dari dulu ada dua hal yang paling bikin gue bisa relieve stress. Satu adalah main gitar listrik, dua adalah olahraga, itu yang paling harus banget. It’s just how my life has been for a while. Di body building program itu biasanya ada rest week. Misalkan udah 2 bulan on kerja keras, terus ada week off, dan karena di week off itu gue terpaksa nggak olahraga karena itu waktu untuk rest, gue malah merasa stress, padahal nggak ada kejadian apa-apa. Jadi, gue tau betapa pentingnya olahraga untuk me-release stress gue.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Fadilah Putri
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
Wardrobe: Legiteamate Active, available at The F Thing

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