FITmee Partners with a Shirataki Supplier in East Java

If you haven’t heard of miracle noodles, these gelatinous Japanese noodles resemble pasta and are quickly moving beyond low-carbohydrate diets and into the mainstream.

Made from vegetable fibre, they have a lot to offer  for those living with restricted diets, because they’re gluten-free, vegan, and have no carbohydrates or calories. FITmee has been introduced since 2018 as the first shirataki-based instant noodle in Indonesia. Commonly known as originating from the land of Sakura, shirataki used by FITmee is the result of local farmers production in East Java.

Having enlivened the country’s instant noodle industry since mid-2018, FITmee is now available in 4 flavors. Right at the end of last year, FITmee has released two new flavours which are called FITmee Carbonara and FITmee Chicken Onion. With the two new flavors of FITmee, they still use the basic ingredients of Shirataki, which has a much lower calorie content than ordinary instant noodles. In addition of that, FITmee now comes in a smaller size and more practical packaging.

“Seeing the habits of Indonesians who love to bring instant noodles even when they are traveling, now we are changing the packaging to be more practical and smaller in size. As for this change in packaging size does not reduce the contents of each FITmee,” Gondang Yudo, Head of FITSHOP said.

Until now, FITmee is available in four flavors, namely FITmee Soto, FITmee Fried Korean Noodle, FITmee Carbonara, and FITmee Chicken Onion. These four variants can be found at various online and offline outlets. Customers are also welcome to purchase FITmee easily through FITSHOP, the daily product provider portal related to health under the auspices of the group The FIT Company. Not only available in Indonesia, FITmee has now been exported to several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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