Five Quirky Things We Find In SOLO: A Star Wars Movie

The origin Star Wars story of cult-character Solo might or might not surprise you, but we surely noticed some weird and interesting things in the film.

#1 A Second-wave Feminist Droid
Yes, you didn’t mishear it and we didn’t mistake it. With all the fuss in film and fashion industry for the past few years in issuing feminism and equality, it is no wonder that Lucasfilm decided to include the satire in the film. L3, the Droid character with love interest to Lando, appears showing complaints here and there about so-called “equal droid rights”, “liberation”, and “free will”. If you get confused with this, perhaps, just perhaps, we are 350 years too early for the ‘droid movement’.

#2 Solo and Chewie are A Couple Made in Heaven
The first meeting of Solo and Chewie altered from hints shown in Star Wars canon, but the point has always been made: they understood each other even in the first sight. The charisma is just too strong and stars shine for them because we really do not know how is Solo the only one who can translate Chewbacca’s language just after getting trapped together for like, 10 minutes.

#3 More and More Satire for the Americans
Whether you’re in the Middle East or a galaxy far, far away, the battle for super-fuel is always hot.

#5 Lando’s Pansexuality
Come on, it’s an intergalactic journey—you do not just meet female or male humans along the way. That’s just how Lando got his charisma.

#5 Millennium Falcon Has A Special Closet Just for Capes
No wonder that Emilia Clarke, David Glover, and Paul Bettany never run out of cool capes. Watch Donald Glover taking you for a Millennium Falcon tour here, to prove it yourself:


Source: HighEndTeen

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