Five Ways to Enjoy Buenos Aires Like the Locals!

‘The Paris of North America’ is both hustling and charming. Here’s how to enjoy life like the locals while you’re visiting.


  • Sip the signature drink
    By all means; please taste the bittersweet combination of loneliness and great tea at Lab Café, Palermo. The place is regulated by locals and here’s all the baristas really know their thing. The tea, bitter as your ex’s heart, is a local signature.
  • Gobble up the steaks
    Argentinians are serious with their steaks – they put meticulous attention to beef selection so if you want to eat like the locals, visit Pamilla El Pobre Luis in Belgrano. Locals swear by it!
  • Escape to Las Pampas
    When the scorching summer heat comes, locals are escaping to the rural area of Las Pampas; if you’re into horsing in relaxed villages, here’s your go-to destination.
  • Experience the Subte
    What is Subte? It’s a pet-name for Subterraneo, the oldest subway system in North America. Subte is the cheapest means of transportation in the city, yet it’s the fastest (Buenos Aires’ traffic can be gruelling).
  • Star-spotting at Casa Cavia
    Want to see the appearance of local celebs? Judge for yourself by having lunch at Casa Cavia – a popular hangout for both Argentinian politicians and celebrities.

Editor : Vien Dimyati


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