Fix the Lantern, Green’s said

For certain, a lot of buzz have been generated from all around the universe. As the buzz indicating, John Stewart could be one of the leads in Green Lantern Corps, joined by multiple lanterns, it’s sure going to be a big space-focused film, showing on the next July, 2020.


This time however, it’s not sure whether Michael Green will get ‘another chance’ to redeem his misfire on 2011’s Green Lantern. Considering it as a huge setback of his career, however, this year changes have been made. Since his work on American Gods alongside Bryan Fuller and his script for James Mangold’s Logan, he was once again in demand. On the other hand, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim – who also wrote the script for Green Lantern, and built DC a TV empire, known as the Arrowverse, are rumoured to join the production too. Surely the idea of the trio re-teaming for the Green Lantern Corps film is much likely going to happen. Question is, will they be ready to tackle the eponymous characters, again?

One thing for sure, Green’s has set his eyes on bringing Ricky Whittle to play the role of John Stewart. After giving up on Tyrese Gibson – who always been a long-shot for the level-headed and sombre Stewart, it’s sure the role need a dramatic experience. Whistle, although a bit younger than Stewart, but thanks to his stellar performance as Shadow Moon on American Gods, it’s a sure-thing the role will rest upon him, effortlessly.

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