Flow, Serving Patrons with Good Ambience and Good Food Circa 2016

Another great choice should you want to unwind during your back-to-back meetings or post-office hours, Flow serves patrons with a wide array of great dishes, cocktails, beers, and free flow ice cream.

Launched in 2016, Flow is a cozy resto slash bar tucked away within the BTPN tower at Mega Kuningan. The eatery boasts on its industry-esque vibe by the choice of their decor element, Flow instantly sets up patrons in a calm and modern ambience. With the seating capacity around 100 people and all around 200-300 standing capacity, Flow still comfortably manages to squeeze in live performances and DJ to provide a good night out. Serving as a restaurant and a bar, Flow spoils patrons with their unique and exotic drinks professionally concocted by their resident mixologist and a variety of delicious meals from their chef Budi Setiawanto.
We got together with Joe Nicolaas, Flow’s Marketing Communication Manager, who recommended Letter F to try Flow’s 2-course special lunch set and the express lunch. Simply pamper your tastebuds with both Asian and Western dishes, the chef does not shy away to further explore both European as well as Indonesian dishes from Nasi Kampung, Nasi Kemangi, Nasi Kecombrang, Ayam Geprek, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Salmon Bikini, to Whiskey Scramble Egg. And don’t forget to get your free flow ice cream if you get one of their lunch set.

As we enjoyed some of Flow’s signature dishes, Letter F were also blown away by the cocktails: Blue Blazer and Modusta, two of many trademark drinks by Flow. Ibra, head bar slash mixologist, was kind enough to show his techniques used for Blue Blazer, a classic Scottish cocktail consisted of Monkey Shoulder whisky, Grey Goose Orange, and cinnamon. Mixed them all up and poured them as the fire lit to further smoothen the taste, the drink was then served in a glass, covered in a lid, creating a foggy effect, welcoming the gents to experience the fog prior to sip the well-balanced cocktail.

And for the ladies, Ibra presented us with Modusta, a drink that was inspired through a random flirt between the ladies and the bartenders. Modusta, as the cocktail is called, teased us with the right amount of sweet and sour, enough for the ladies to ask for more glass.

Good food, good mood, and good drinks are all there in Flow, check them out yourselves by coming to the second floor of BTPN tower in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta between Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 3 AM. Don’t forget to make a reservation first to +62-8777-1711-675‬.

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer & Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin

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