Follow These Tips to Succeed on Long-Distance Relationship

Some people learn how to make long-distance relationship work and some just pang it to their faces without preparation. In any cases, LDR is not something that you should be afraid of, but you need to see it through and plan it well to make it work.

And here are the tips to succeed on long-distance relationship.
Know the expectations
There are lot of things that you and partner should know first before decided on parting ways (literally), the communication will be more difficult, there will be no physical intimacy, also the fact that you and partner will have a life where both of you are not taking part in it. It is a must to understand all the bad things about it to tackle them down later on.
Stick to the online dating schedules
Communication is the golden key to a relationship, as you already know that it will be a challenge during a LDR, it would be better if you both create a schedule to have your own online dating time. Stick to the schedules and have all the time for you both.
Be honest and trust each other
Another key that are important to your relationship is honesty and trust. As your communication is getting more limited, you need to make them feel like they’re still part of your life by letting them know your feelings and how your day was going.
Respectful to each other’s activities
Followed from the first point, you both have to understand that the two of you will have a life where any of you take part in it. And that’s okay. Be respectful to each other’s activities, and you’ll be fine.
Start budgeting
As romantic as it sounds, LDR is honestly cost more than a da none LDR one. So you may need to start budgeting for this, whether to send each other’s thoughtful gifts or to accommodate your travel expenses when you want to visit your partner. It’s better to be ready when you need it.
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Source: psychologytoday

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