Food Fiesta at The Feast by Kokiku

Life’s a Feast! is the slogan of the new restaurant which is located at Gunawarman No. 37. Feast by Kokiku opened on April 2018 and brings the new taste and experience of authentic Southeast Asian culinary with the touch of Indonesian sensibility. Starting it off from a YouTube channel, Kokiku TV’s CEO and founder, Nadia Hudyana, is collaborating with Chef Ray Janson to create a diner joint which represents Asian comfort food. Feast by Kokiku believes that food should be fun, humble, plentiful, and comforting. And most importantly, it is to be shared with joy and build a new encounter.

The menu that is available in the restaurant are Feast Fritters, Pop Chicken Confit, Grilled Lempah Mackerel, Oxtail Brennabon, Bebek Betutu, 48-hour Beef Ribs, and Brioche Toast as the dessert.  All the foods are freshly made by the chef and beautifully presented in delightful platting.

Aside of the taste of the food, Feast by Kokiku also pays attention to its interior design. Inspired by the atmosphere of a garden, the restaurant use art deco botanical as the theme. All the design interior was done by Space Design. Spend your time to enjoy the menu and have a great time with your loved ones at Feast by Kokiku.

Photos courtesy of Feast by Kokiku

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