For The Sake of Portraying Joker, Joaquin Phoenix Loses 23 Kilograms

For the sake of diving into the main role in the Joker movie, actor Joaquin Phoenix totality lost his weight. This makes the 44-year-old actor look very thin. Before filming began, this actor lost his weight to more than 23 kg.

Wasn’t being careless in losing his weight, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Joaquin stated he sought medical guidance to ensure a safe weight loss. Many actors believe that eating an apple a day is safe for dieting and makes us not need the services of a doctor. Fans have always believed that. However, Joaquin did not believe it. “I also ate lettuce and boiled green beans,” he said.
Although he had previously done it, losing weight drastically and looking after it is not easy. But not just losing weight, for Joaquin Phoenix this process is vital and can help him better understand the character of the Joker.
Source: V Radio

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