Forget Monopoly – Here’s Other Cool Board Games for Your Phones!

All hail, Google Play Store! Let’s kick off those boredom with these awesome Android games.

The Battleships
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The classic board games get a new life on phone! Place your ships around the maps, and be the first to sink all your opponent’s ships. Of course you can enjoy more feature in this game, compared to the classic Battleships game.

Image result for Catan android
Catan is a classic board game, perhaps it’s not that famous in Indonesia. If you missed this game during childhood, try it on your Android phone now. The challenge is to create a village with the longest road and biggest army to protect it.


Image result for pandemic game android
Pandemic is sometimes dubbed as the best board game ever! Here’s you can role play to become a CDC staff who travels around the world to banish certain sickness before it turns into pandemic. It’s a 4-player game with pass-and-play local multiplayer with extra content in which you can be a DLC staff member.


Image result for splendor game android
Simple, classic, but timeless. Players are asked to collect several items, and be the first to collect the most game. The Android version has both solo offline mode and online multiplayer game modes.

Mr Jack Pocket
Image result for Mr Jack Pocket game android
Here, you’re the Jack Pocket who must runaway from the cops. You’ll also meet Sherlock Holmes and Watson character along the way. Perfect twist to classic detective board game!


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