Free-Spirited Gal, Nazla Alifa

Being an active Instagram user for years, Nazla Alifa today is known as one of the hippest influencers in the social media scene. Living on the jet plane, she keeps on bouncing from one place to another to travel and explore places. The best thing out of it? It’s her job. After meeting her for our Shot Stories session, Letter F gets to know more about her – her point of view of everything, everything. Nazla Alifa Senia is much more than just a celebgram.

What’s your recent activity?

“Though I left my college already, I’m now preoccupied with my new projects. I’m in discussion of establishing my own creative office with my friends and my makeup line. Other than that, I have event to attend and travelling around.”

Ever since you’re active as an influencer in Instagram, what’s the significant change in your life?

“There are a lot of them. But I can communicate with people a lot better than before. Since I meet a lot of new people for my job right now, I learn how to have two-way communication. Then I need to broaden my knowledge since I need to represent myself better. I have to be an influencer who spreads positive vibe and attitude. Plus, a lot of people know me nowadays, and I feel happy because it’s like I gain more new friends. Although I’m not gonna lie that some of them are creepy enough for me. I mean the downside of my job is that when I travel, I have to update to the followers where I stay and where I go – and they sometimes send me things to the hotel and such. But mostly I ignore such people, but if I still can talk to them in friendly way, then I’ll do it.”

How did it all start anyway? Ever crossed your mind to become an influencer back then?

“Of course not, I have no planning at all to become one. But I have my Instagram account ever since its early days. I was once more into landscape photography. I even joined Instagram community and attended the first InstaMeet in Indonesia, that’s why I’m kinda familiar with old names in Instagram. Also, I got my followers and Instagram friends from it. As for my first ‘job’ on Instagram was when I was endorsed by a brand.”

The growth of social media is huge nowadays. Do you think it’s done more good or harm for the active user, especially the young ones?

“Everything has good and bad sides, to be honest. For me personally, the bad side is people can turn to be immoral and throw hate to others without even thinking about the effect on others. They’re being mean to others, that’s the negative side. But for the good side, we can gain fast information from social media. Yet we have to be careful because the fast-paced news can be misleading and wrong in a way.”

Share your thoughts when you hear: Travel, fashion, and beauty!

“Start from fashion, it describes me the most. You can see the glimpse of my personality through my wardrobe. I have no signature style, yet I like long trousers a little bit much. It’s all depending on my mood at that moment. Oh, but, I consider sneakers as my weakness. Meanwhile when I put my makeup, I do it to boost my confident and I’m not doing it to impress anyone. For travel, it’s my purpose in life. I live for travelling. I learn a lot from my experience in travelling, not a textbook kind, but more than that. You have to be smart during your journey – meaning that you have to observe the surrounding, the people, to the culture. Even when I got lost, I took it as a learning.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata
Fashion Stylist: Ervina Michelle 
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Videographer: Iqbal Safie
Location: Swillhouse, Jakarta




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