Fueling Creativity with Anton Wirjono

Though initially majored in Business Administration, Anton decided to take a big turn and pursue his passion in music. His first step in the creative industry was becoming a DJ at clubs. Getting turned down by many clubs, he took a chance and opened his own space with a purpose solely to deliver his music to people and to become a venue for brands to sell their products. And that place is called Brightspot. Which grows as a trademark event to attend to for every Jakartan. A place to express Anton’s creativity.

Being invited to be a speaker for a forum at Indonesia Future Festival (IFF), Anton was able to share to youngsters on how he expanded Brightspot Market from zero to become one of the biggest pop-up stores in Indonesia. Anton shared that the development of Brightspot Market was from believing in the power of creativity and the power of local brands. Brightspot bloomed from being rejected by many sponsors because the then local brands were rarely known. Fast forward to today, sponsors are lining up, and as a result—local brands have developed significantly.

How to merge a business mindset and a creative state of mind, and to even create an event like a Brightspot?
“People should create a platform to promote creativity and we should believe that creativity could change the world and society. The people who come to Brightspot are the people who understand our mission. We rely also with word of mouth marketing. Examples of brands that were well developed after being partnered with Brightspot are Cotton Ink and Eatlah. Those two brands started with renting a small booth at Brightspot, successfully grabbed so much attention with long queues each day, now they own outlets across the country and became the most known brands of all. So it really is the power of believing in creativity, and with the support of hard work.”
What was the biggest struggle in developing your own business from scratch, and how did you overcome the struggle?
“The biggest struggle that time was when the sponsors rejected us when they know that the brands are not well known and most are local brands. As time goes by, we proved them that not only international and famous brands can can get noticed but also local brands. The other struggle was the amount of competitors. We need competition to keep evolving into a more successful business.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly

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