Full ‘Joker’ Screenplay Reveals Fate of Neighbor Sophie

In scenes that were deleted from the final cut.

The full screenplay written by Todd Phillips and Scott Silver for Joker has now been released to the public, and within it are two scenes that never made it to the final cut, addressing the fate of Sophie Dumond, Arthur Fleck’s neighbor and love interest, played by Zazie Beetz.
In the movie itself, Sophie made her final appearance when Arthur broke into her apartment after she had put her daughter to sleep. It then cut to Arthur leaving the flat, never revealing what had happened in the flat. The screenplay now confirms that Sophie had in fact lived, as Arthur did not kill her or her daughter. In one of the scenes on page 78 of the document, Arthur leaves a note on her doorstep telling her to tune in to Murray Franklin’s show, and subsequently on page 96, a deleted scene depicted a horrified Sophie after she witnesses Arthur killing Murray on the television.
Source: Hypebeast

Explaining why he had cut the second scene, Phillips explained that Sophie’s reaction would be contrary to the film’s motif of only showing what was going on in Arthur’s head and his own perspective.

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