Fun Session with Indonesian Idol Season 10

Every Monday night, Indonesian Idol unveils their contestant’s performances and ends the show with intense result of elimination. Through the voting made by Indonesian spectators, Indonesian Idol’s contestants are able to live their dreams on the stage, living their dreams by singing their heart out. Firstly adopted back in 2004, Indonesian Idol is a singing competition show from the States. Succeeded with a long list of singers debuted after their appearances on the show, Indonesian Idol Season 10 has now returned with Indonesian Idol X: Home of the Idols.

Starting their audition in five big cities in Indonesia: Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and Jakarta in October 2019, Indonesian Idol X: Home of the Idols has come to their Top 8 contestants. We met and intervewed Ainun Irsani, Lyodra Gunting, Mahalini Raharja, Mirabeth Sonia, Novia Bachmid, Raja Giannuca, Tiara Anugrah, and Ziva Magnolya. Though Novia has been eliminated since the interview took place, these Top 8 of Indonesian Idol X: Home of the Idols revealed who they are.

How do you guys feel for making it to the Top 8?
Ainun: “Though there are so many things that I needed to sacrifice, I’m extremely proud and over the cloud for making it this far.”
Mahalini: “I’m totally over the moon. Would’ve never thought I’d make it this far, cause I failed during my first attempt. I’m as proud as punch.”
Ziva: “Same. I’m very grateful for the opportunity, to be able to perform on a big stage such as  Indonesian Idol’s. It’s insane, would’ve never imagined to even be here.”
Lyodra: “I’d like to thank God for this opportunity. I have mixed emotions with all the ups and downs I went through since day 1 I’ve been here. Time flies so fast that I couldn’t believe months have passed since my first day auditioning.”

“I’m proud to make it this far to Top 8. I realize that I share the same dream as others who want to participate in this competition, it triggers me to work hard and not to take this amazing opportunity for granted. It drives me to go the extra miles to give my best performance on stage.”


“Agreed, getting into the Top 8 is something to be thankful for, this is a dream comes true. We must be grateful, and must work our best so that those who support us won’t be disappointed that they’ve voted for us.”

Mirabeth: “I got goosebumps to even think I’m actually here in the Top 8. I am very grateful to be here because this is not an opportunity that everyone can get.”
Nuca: “I think my friends shared the same feeling as I am. I’m also very happy, proud, and very grateful to be here.”
What drove you to join Indonesian Idol?
Mahalini: “I personally always watched Indonesian Idol since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to have a music career through Indonesian Idol.”
Ainun: “Honestly, I didn’t even have the confidence to join but I got a lot of supports and so I eventually tried my luck. I couldn’t do it last year due to national exams, I tried again in 2019 and now I made it to the Top 8.”

“I’ve watched the show since I was in elementary school. I just tried it anyway without pushing my luck, didn’t even fuss about making it in or even being in the Top 8. So it’s been like a dream comes true.”


“Like Mahalini and Ziva, I’m also an avid viewer of the show since I was little. I really liked Kamasean and Regina, dreaming to perform on stage as well. I’m still in awe that I’m here. I just turned 16 in 2019 and that marked me being the youngest contestant ever.”

Tiara: “I’ve always loved singing, so I really wanted to be the best in it. Prior to the contest, I participated in local singing competitions in Jember, and since then people encouraged me to audition. I actually have tried a lot of singing contests and failed so many times, that’s why I though Indonesian Idol is the one for me.”
Mirabeth: “I joined Indonesian Idol because becoming a singer has always been my passion in life. I was once in a band, did some cover songs, but still I wanted to do something more. So I challenged myself to audition for Indonesian Idol and got through.”
Novia: “First of all, for me, I wanted to hone my skill in singing even better through this competition, meeting some new friends, and seeking more experiences in singing.”
Nuca: “I think apart from the experience, I’m interested to explore myself more through this competition, which in the future will fully enhance my singing skill and becoming a better singer in the future.”

What was the biggest obstacle that you faced during the competition?
Ziva: “This is my first time participating in a huge singing competition, and the challenges for me is to learn dancing—I’ve never done it before. Singing on stage is a completely different case than singing in a room, so I needed to learn about my presence on stage more and that is one of the obstacles that I see as a contestant in Indonesian Idol.”

“Just like Ziva, the challenges for me are also dancing on stage, and other than that, to live far away from my family, and adapting to a new environment.”


“For me, the songs. Our rehearsing session is very limited due to the packed schedule, so I’ve to give my best efforts in each rehearsal.”

Lyodra: “For me, it’s about calming myself down during bad moments. I easily get down by many things, but I am taught to get back on my feet whenever I’m feeling the world is against me and I learn to fight harder. I got my family who always supports my career.”
Tiara: “I’ve shared the same thoughts like them, the challenges so far is about learning choreography, feeling homesick, choosing songs, and limited rehearsing time. I mean, we are expected to be the whole package, but there are a lot of things we have to learn each week prior to the performance. We still have some shootings to do, too, and everything has to be done in a very short amount of time.”
Mirabeth: “I think I get where Lyodra is coming from cause I feel the same. Though I’m surrounded by amazing friends, but everybody has their own problems and each of us has to face it by ourselves.”
Nuca: “I’m a very reserved person. I’m not good at memorizing choreography, let alone dancing on stage, so I had to adapt a lot of things.”
Novia: “Mine would be to feel the song. I’m always the technical type when it comes to singing, so having my emotions involve in a song is challenging. Also, we’re not allowed to use our phone and also have to pay attention about what we consume have also been a challenge for me.”
Who are your role models in singing?

Aurora (from Frozen 2), I like how eccentric she is. And her voice is amazing, plus she always writes all her songs. From Indonesia, I really like Ariel from NOAH, I love all of his songs. He’s also very charismatic in my opinion.”

Tiara: “I adore Raisa and Judika a lot, they’re very talented and have such amazing songs. I also like Ariana Grande, BTS, and Blackpink—yeah I’m actually a KPop fan. They’re the reason why I love singing and dancing at the same time. I adore how they can sing and dance at once while still maintaining such a strong vocal, too.”
Ainun: “I love Jessie J the most because of her voice, her songs, her characters. I also like Judika, he’s very humble and such a hardworker. I wish to have a consistent career in the music industry just like him in the future.”
Ziva: “I like Bruno Mars and his stage act. He dances and sings, and he does all that perfectly without any flaws. And for the Indonesian singer, I love Rizky Febian, he writes his own songs. In addition to that, I also have to mention Barsena Bastandhi, he got this heavenly voice and an amazing singing technique.”
Lyodra: “I love powerful singers like Jessie J, Beyoncé, and Agnezmo. They’re very powerful and brave in their stage acts, and I love how they’re very passionate about singing. For Agnezmo, I love how she’s very humble as a big singer and never failed to use her platform to use her voice for those who are voiceless, so I like her even more.”
Mahalina: “it’s Beyoncé and John Mayer for me. I like John Mayer especially, because he’s able to turn the whole auditorium with his guitar skill. I love Isyana Saraswati as well. She plays instruments during her performances and I love how she interreacts with her band and blends in with her team on stage. She’s incredible.”

“I like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, apart from their amazing songs, they’re such genius lyricists, just like Tulus. His songs are amazing, and the way he portrays his views through his lyrics are what a singer is supposed to be in my opinion, I just wanted to be like them.”

Novia: “It’s Beyoncé and Agnezmo. They’re very stunning and they’re obviously the queens on stage. I also love Coldplay; I listen to their songs a lot and I wish to have a concert like them one day.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographers: Vicky Melly and Ganang Arfiardi
Videographers: Iqbal Syafei and Rengga Aditya
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin, Ari Angga and Rian Pandu
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
MUA: Nadia Renata, Fadilah Putri, and Siti Asya Despuri
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