Gajian Langsung Shopping di PAYDAY SALE!

Lagi pandemi gini, jangan boros. We never know when will this end, because the vaccines have just been developed but still have to be tested. The latest update from Bill Gates, even if the vaccines have been found, it has to be applied in a multiple dosage to a patient.

Fret not though, whilst the scientists are doing what they do best, you can just chill at home or WFH untuk memutuskan mata rantainya. Salah satu kegiatan paling menyenangkan udah pasti shopping. Kerennya lagi, bisa hemat. Bareng The F Thing Payday Sale, kamu bisa nikmatin barang-barang branded idaman kamu dengan DISKON 70%! Ada juga FLASH SALE dengan barang baru SETIAP HARINYA. Belanja sekarang via website, mobile apps, atau WA.

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