Gary is Not Afraid to Get Dirrty

Indonesian fashion scene is growing rapidly these past years thanks to a heap amount of great local brands out there. Every year, there are hundreds new local brands out there, improving and setting the bar high. And also, the trend. Social media, in its cliche, plays a big part of it. Get Dirrty is one of the rising local brands which quickly becomes everyone’s favorite. With a series of simple t-shirt collection, Get Dirrty carries an unusual theme in every collection. And Letter F had a little sesh with Gary, the owner of Get Dirrty, and talked about the brand more closely.

How was the first installment of Get Dirrty?
“I only produced a t-shirt for myself, then my friends started to notice them and asked me where to buy. When they learned that it was self-made, they asked me to make some for them. I thought: why don’t I made my own t-shirt label. So, voila.”
Do you have a background in fashion?
“I’m actually majoring in robotic engineering and have no idea about fashion. But sure, I have an interest in clothing. When I graduated, I had this opportunity to join a clothing business with my friends. It was where I learned a bit about fashion product, from the production phase and how to run the business.”
Where does the idea come from when you establish Get Dirrty?
“Since it was a bit personal for me, Get Dirrty actually portrays my liking towards some unusual stuffs. I want some easy stuff with easy approach.”

How often do you release a collection? And what’s next for Get Dirrty?
“We only release two collection per year, but we kinda drop mini-collection which has a different theme each. And we have another stuff to be presented, accessories like socks are already available right now. Other than that, we already prepared for new collection – a better version of Get Dirrty.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia

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