Generation F: Quick Chat with Galih Soedirjo, The Manager of Rachel Vennya and Tasya Farasya

Galih Wignyo Soedirjo is a 24-year-old communication graduate from Universitas Indonesia who approaches by being the middleman between content creators and third-party clients. In short, he’s a manager. Often seen hanging out with many popular content creators at various events, he is all about networking.

How did it all begin?
“So I’m currently working as a manager for several Indonesian influencers or content creators, and it all started with being a PR student at a fashion school. One day, I held an event where I invited some of my friends who are pretty well known on the internet, with one of them being Rachel Vennya. That’s when the thought occurred, me being her manager and all. I assist her schedule and link her to clients who wishes to work with her. So far, it’s been great so it’s my current focus.”
But how do you manage to not crossing the line between the friendship and the business?

“First of all, I prefer to keep a clear line between professionalism and friendship. I refuse to mix up all the real-life problems to work, for example, if I make mistakes as a friend, then I’ll apologize right away but I won’t take it personally so it won’t affect my work. I’ve been a manager for three years and through all this time, I’m still able to be professional, playing both roles pretty well.”

What do you think about the progress so far on the content creator industry in Indonesia?
“I think people are getting more confidence in creating their own contents lately, you notice more and more contents being created while still having their own signature. However, the irony is that many don’t consider its quality. Some do everything to be viral or to be famous, like reviewing fake products. At the end of the day, it’s sort of degrading their own credibility as a content creator.”
The content creator’s market is pretty promising here in Indonesia, and as someone who works closely with two successful content creators, do you ever wish to have your own content as well?

“To be very honest, knowing how much they earn from creating contents is enticing, however, I don’t think I have what it takes to be one. Working with some talented talents like Tasya Farasya and Abel Cantika, I can see that they’re very good at one specific field, also Rachel Vennya with her parenting tips. She knows her market and can hone her skill in that field to gain more interest from her followers. So I think I’ll have to research my market first if I ever want to create contents.”

As the middle man between the content creators and the other clients, what are the hardest challenges that you’ve ever stumbled upon to?
“The hardest challenge is when my talents are feeling down, sometimes people forget that they have feelings. For example, the hate comments, sometimes they choose not to care, but other times the words hurt. And to calm them down to be at their best mood can be challenging, there comes a time where I have to reschedule certain endorsement projects because of it.”
As a manager, how do portray yourself in the social media?
“I try to be as transparent as possible, though I gotta admit sometimes I post a lot of personal things only to my close friends’ on Instagram. What I do in real life is actually maintaining and managing my talents’ endorsements, going from one client’s house to another, from Rachel to Tasya. Aside from that, my routine includes going to the gym. I’m actually a gym rat, I go to the gym twice a day—not many know this fact about me, but I was pretty obese back then. Now I’m happy to say I’m doing a good job maintaining my weights.”


Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
Wardrobe: Controlnew, available at

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