Generation F: Ray Rafi on Being A Content Creator

Studying Law in Parahyangan Catholic University, Ray has always been passionate about photography and videography. In 2013, he began to audition for commercial ads for various brands, such as Counterpain, Hemaviton, Google, KitKat, and many more. Engulfing himself in the business drove him to be more involved in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, Ray busies himself by being a content creator and exploring assorted businesses.

Let’s talk about content creating. Do you think there are some differences between a content creator and an influencer? And which one do you prefer to be referred to as?

“To be very honest, I prefer to be referred as a content creator more to an influencer. From what I see, both roles have two different capabilities, and I’d like to label myself as a content creator that discusses subjects that I’m passionate about. In the future, I’d like to be able to influence my viewers with my content, but as of now I’m still developing. I think the label ‘influencer’ is a given from people (who see us) rather than a self-proclaimed title.”

So you sort of have a 180 career angle, from being a photographer to videographer and now to being a content creator.
“Yeah, I did some businesses, photography and videography, but after some time, I realized that what I want to do is creating arts or contents. So I just applied the photography and videography techniques that I’ve learned to the contents that I’m making. But I’m also aware that I also still want a stable source of income.”
Why did you finally decide to create contents? Does your girlfriend, Abel Cantika, have a special role in this?
“Not many people know this, but I did some TV commercials before, I enjoy being involved in the entertainment industry. I got my first commercial ad in 2013 and I met Abel in 2018., she also did some commercial ads before she met me. Fast forward to the day I met her, I honestly had no idea that she’s a beauty influencer—probably because I wasn’t her audience. But if I say that she’s not one of the factors then I’ll be lying, I found my way to be more confident in creating my own contents, and she does influence me to be a better content creator.”
As a content creator yourself, what makes someone a good content creator?
“For me, it’s those who create their contents from their hearts. For instance, the beauty contents; there are varieties of makeup tips based on various occasions and by knowing what the audience needs, by communicating what they want to hear, this has become the foundation to build a relationship between the content creator and the audience. Also, the consistency—being consistent in delivering quality content is what makes a good content creator good.”
What was your biggest challenge of becoming a content creator?

“I think the biggest challenge for me is to keep up the consistency. When we talk about being a content creator, usually each of them has their own balance between work, friends, and relationship. The key is to have a good time management to juggle all that without interfering one another, and this is very hard seeing as it’s not on office-based working hours, the line sometimes could blur.”

Is being a content creator something you’ll keep doing?
“Well, I have some plans going on in terms of managing my own business, and I have a 7-year target. So while doing this, I also prepare for the next phase, like having my own family. I want my wife to live comfortably in doing what she loves the most, I’ll always support her. And I will definitely save up for future projects.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
Wardrobe: LEGITEAMATE, available at

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