George R. R. Martin Has Spilled the Tea

The author of the phenomenal brought-to-action-novel Game of Thrones confirmed the tea that he is indeed preparing for the series’ prequel stories.

Quoted by Entertainment Weekly, George is still debating on the title of the prequel series. Initially, he wanted to name it The Long Night, but it’s impossible as it has been used for one of the GoT’s last season’s episodes. Regardless of the title, George promised that he will feature the important roles in the previous stories, the Stark Family and the White Walkers. However, the author is not going to include the Lannisters as Casterly Rock is still under the rule of Casterys.
Through Game of Thrones, George introduces his readers to the Seven Kingdoms, this time he will come with more royal families in Westeros. Also, there are going to be others dominant families before Aegon Targaryen sits on the throne.
Source: Okezone

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