Get Familiar: Pelita Jaya’s Center Adhi Pratama

After missing his chance to participate in IBL and PERBASI Cup in 2015-2016, the 24-year-basket baller had to take a temporary break as a professional basketball player. Since 2009, during his sophomore year as senior high schooler, Adhi Pratama Prasetyo Putra started out as pro, got his chance in 2010 as a rookie in IBL and never stopped pursuing his passion. In terms of the currently celebrated basketball team Pelita Jaya, the team itself just got a new fuse in the form of coach Johannis Winar and sports director Fictor G. Roring. With the flourishing comeback of Pelita Jaya, the team swiftly secured their reputation as IBL 2017 winner, thanks to teamwork. And with recent achievement in PERBASI Cup 2017, it boosted up their spirit to prepare for the upcoming World Cup FIBA 2023, which will be held in Indonesia.

So how did it all start? Have you always been into basket?

“Well, actually I was into football before trying my luck in basket. Then I changed to athletic. But since I felt alone in there, I changed to basket. And that’s when I started to enjoy doing sports, I found the joy (of doing what you do), new friends during the simple and hard time. To be honest, I never would’ve thought that I would even get the chance to play professionally as a basket ball player, I only participated as far as basket ball tournament among high schools. I got an offer to join ASPAC team, but my concern was I felt like I haven’t got enough skill and was not mentally ready. That’s why I refused to join, but at the same time it motivated me to learn and practice some more. Another opportunity came knocking from South Sumatra team HangTuah when I was visiting my cousin. I said yes this time and participated in the tryout, and managed to be transferred to the beginner club Gamaria. I decided to join the pro level after a year playing, I joined IBL as a rookie. But it was when my basketball career really took place.”

So from being a rookie to being someone to whom others look up took for about how many years?

“Since 2009-2014, I was in HangTuah. I joined Pelita Jaya in 2014, competing in rooster tournament. In 2017, a change was made within the team. All members are basically roosters. Despite the fact, we won the season’s games: the 2017 IBL Cup and 2017 PERBASI Cup.”

Who’s your role model when it comes down to it?

Rony Gunawan and Denny Sumargo, both are local professional players. I once read an article about Deny, about him being from rural area, yet he managed to survive in Jakarta and kept on practicing until he became one of the best players in Indonesia. He has influenced many people to pursue their dream to be a basket ball player. As for Rony, I look up to him because we’re a fellow center, but from different team. He plays for Satria Muda. We faced each other in the IBL final and played side by side in FIBA. His skill is outstanding and most basketball players know him by his name and we all respect him, the kind of respect I wish to have someday.”

Any worst moment you met along the way that dragged you down?

“Unfortunately there’s one, when I got injured. Every athlete definitely went through it, but for me the challenge is more mentally, rather than physically. Because every time we got injured, we have to start from the scratch, the journey to recover was hard. And our strength will not be the same as it was before. Although at the same time, it became a lesson learned. In my case, it was my left knee, it needed a surgery since my left knee has always been an issue since 2009—so the pain piled up. So next time, if you’re aware that you’re actually out of shape to play, make sure to tell the truth to your coach.”

Looking forward in 5 years ahead, where will you be?

“For now, I’m still playing basketball as usual. In the long term, I plan to help boost the basket activity for Depok Nation, a community. 5 years ahead, I think a basketball club from the said local community. Depok Nation is for everyone, from any age range and background. It also becomes a reflecting moment for me because Depok neighbourhood is not conducive enough to hone the young talents. I looked back on what I have made throughout my basketball career so far, I felt like the youth can also make it if we’re supporting them through positive activities.”

Do you have any other interest beside basket ball?

“I have a side business, Dim Sum in Bintaro and Barbershop in Depok. I also love traveling, I like visiting small towns whenever I have days off, like Jember, Malang, Lampung and many others. I usually travel with friends.”

Now let’s talk about fashion, how do you describe your look?

“For me, it’s casual and easy to fit in. Simple tees and short pants or a simple pair of jeans. Color wise, I usually go for black. For sneakers, I like them red. Not sure why, because it’s eye-catching?”

How about brands, do you have any preference?

“I’m not into brands, because size has always been my main problem – either no size or sold out. So, as long as it’s comfy, I’d buy it. Except for sneakers, I love Jordan. Nike and are also okay. But not Adidas, they’re too tight for me, size wise.”

So, dare we say ‘less in outfit, more in sneakers’?

“Well, bottom line: simple, comfy and easy to wear.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Hadi Sutanto
Photographer: Mario Bully
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: General Culture, Off White, and Rosegold, available at The F Thing
Location: Patiunus Field, Jakarta

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