Get Familiar: Pelita Jaya’s Shooting Guard Gabriel Batistuta

Whenever an opportunity comes by, make sure to grab them while it arrives. The rules however didn’t apply to current Pelita Jaya’s Shooting Guard, Gabriel Batistuta Risky. Gabu, as Gabriel is better known as, participated in 2015 PON. But good thing eventually happened to every hard-working person, Gabu was no exception. During the 2015 PRAPON, he was spotted by coach Fictor G. Roring (current Pelita Jaya Sports Director), he then started his debut as a professional basketball player at the end of 2013. This year, the 18-year-old Palu born player successfully passed the try-out session and officially became part of Pelita Jaya. With Adhi Pratama (check it here) and the entire team support, they’re all gearing up to prepare for the upcoming World Cup FIBA 2023.

Recently joined Pelita Jaya, care to share with us your basket ball journey?

“The passion started since middle school to high school, I was invited to Batam in November 2013. During my last year in high school, I got an offer from Head of PERBASI, Danny Kosasih, to join the basket ball team of Satya Wacana University in Salatiga. I got to train with the seniors from 2014-2015. After I participated in 2015 PRAPON for Central Sulawesi, I was offered by coach Fictor to join Garuda Bandung. It was such a dilemma for me because my responsibilities at the time were still with SATWA, but on the other hand, this is Garuda Bandung we’re talking about – it’s like one of the top tiers of professional leagues. I finally joined GB and managed to participate in many tournaments in 2016-2017. In August 2017, I was transferred to Pelita Jaya, under head coach Johannis Winar.”

You’re quite persistent in pursuing your passion in basket ball.

“During my high school years, basket ball tournament didn’t get a lot of exposures that it deserved to have. For local players, I was inspired by Andakara Prastawa, Xaverious Prawiro, and Gabu Pratama. Whereas for international players, I really like Kobe Bryant – from his method and how he trained. For every team training at 7am, Kobe always woke up at 5 to exercise alone. And while the team practiced til 10am, he finished his training at 11am. The same consistency also shown during the running drill, he always trained until he can outrun everyone. These facts are confirmed by fellow Lakers member C.J. Giles.

Fave quote to boost your mood?

“Trust the process, as always.”

How about looking forward in 5 years ahead, where will you be?

“Pelita Jaya is a huge club, winner of last season’s 2017 IBL. It also comes within the competitive streak between fellow members, honestly I could be easily considered in the last rank. Of course, I want to become the Most Valuable Player and also being part of the national team.”

Aside from your professional career as a basketball player, kindly share us your other interests?

“I once thought about becoming a radio announcer just because I like to open up a deep discussion or subject, hence I majored in Communications since 2016. I wasn’t always a smooth talker back then, but it all changed when the bond strengthens.”

Go-to look on daily basis?

“I always like Lonzo Ball, the Lakers rookie. Why? Because eventhough his ferocious performance in every basket ball tournament, but outside the field, he’s totally different and it goes well with his own signature style. Comfy is what I search in a look. I like wearing local brands, especially if it’s my friends’ brand, as long as it’s comfy to wear, I’d like them. Color wise, I like black. For sneakers, I’m a fan of Air Jordan.”

So to sum up your style in two words, what would they be?

“Simple and comfy.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Hadi Sutanto
Photographer: Mario Bully
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: General Culture, Off White, and Rosegold, available at The F Thing
Location: Patiunus Field, Jakarta

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