How to Get Free Wifi Everywhere, Everytime!

Wifi makes the world go round, eh? Looking for wifi while on the go can be frustrating – check out these cheatsheet to make sure you’ll get the most convenient wifi.

Android Smartphone always notify you whether a connection is safe or not. Try opens Setting > Wifi and checkout for available connections around you. Some of them may not be password-protected.

Facebook Find Wifi
Have you tried Facebook Find Wifi? First, open Facebook apps on your phone, click tab More and open Find Wifi. This feature is designed to help you find a source of free wifi nearby. Available for both iPhone and Android.

Database Wifi Apps
Check out the apps store for such apps – there are several of them! One of them is Instabridge, an apps in which wifi connection and password from many sources are compiled!

Enjoy your freebies streaming, phlebs!


Source: iNews


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