How to Get a Summer Glow for Oily Skin

It’s safe to say that glowy skin has been the look to go for for a while now. From trends like the Korean glass skin look to the popularization of natural, dewy makeup by brands like Glossier, we are now into a new era of focusing on healthy, radiant skin.

Everyone wants to sport a glowing look, but is it wearable for everyone? Although you can easily create a dewy complexion from dewy foundations and highlighters, those with combination to oily skin will not be able to wear the look for two hours before their faces turn into an oil slick. In order for glowy skin to be attainable and enjoyed by everyone, here is a list of how people with oily skin can achieve the look, so we can all glow this summer (or all year long)!

  1. Focus on Skincare

This is probably the step that’s going to take the longest to see results in but is definitely the most worth it. Good makeup starts from good skin, and the one thing that both trends mentioned above have in common is that they both focus on taking care of the skin. This also helps because if you have radiant skin without makeup, you won’t have to add too much makeup that can potentially grease your look up.


  1. Apply illuminators on Certain Points Only

Although too much of illuminating bases and liquid highlighters will not do us any justice, putting them on targeted areas will. Applying those products only on the high points of your face and on the sides of your forehead (sparingly) will still give you a glow on those places while your oily spots are left alone.


  1. Layer your Products Accordingly

I find that using both moisturizing and mattifying products will provide the glow while still controlling your oil production. For example, you can use a pore-filling primer on your T-zone and a hydrating primer everywhere else. You can also use a slightly dewy foundation and set it with a mattifying powder to balance out the look. If you’d still prefer to have a matte foundation, you can use a bronzer and blush with shimmer to give you that layer of healthy sheen.


Source: HighEndTeen

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