Get to Know More About the Ladykiller, Michael B Jordan

The rising heartthrob Michael B Jordan is known for his popular role in Black Panther as N’Jadaka or Erik Killmonger in 2018, but the Newark-born has actually started his career in acting since he was a kid.

Commencing his career as a kid model for Toys “R” us, he began receiving quiet many offers in modelling and television commercials before finally focusing himself in acting for good in 1999. His career in acting keeps on rising through his character as drug dealer called Wallace in the Wire. In 2012, he joined the Red Tails that eventually put his name on the map.
However, before hitting the homerun, he had to go through a dark tunnel first. Auditioning for a famous character, Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spiderman 2, his acting skill was being doubted that made the role fell for another actor. The rejection slapped him hard on the face, even Michael admitted that it could be the end of his career.

Refusing his defeat, he got another role that managed to change his games. He got to play the role of Adonis Creed of the movie Creed in 2015. His being-questioned acting skill is absolutely proved through this role, as he was showing off his acting with the veteran actor, Sylvester Stallone.
Rising from the ashes, Michael achieved another milestone in his career, through Black Panther. Played as a villain, he succeeded in grabbing the audiences’ attention as the best Marvel supervillain. He’s now booked for many upcoming movies in 2019, through acting Michael wanted himself to be known by his skills and his character in the movies. Can’t wait for another movies from Michael? Look up for his news only on https ://
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