Get to Know Nadya Natassya, the OG Woman Tattoo Artist

Been acing the tattoo scene for a while, Nadya Natassya, or better known as Nadcil, is one of the most famous tattoo artists in the town. Especially due to the fact that she’s a girl, people are enthusiastically drawn to her. It’s already a common knowledge that you have to wait for months before you can have a session with her. Letter F met Nadcil at her tattoo parlor, SideSpaceParlor, and had a session with her. Not to get tattooed, but to get to know her better. Shall we dig in?

Your current activity?

“Busy being a tattoo artist (laugh). Back then I was working in an office, as a graphic designer. But now I’m a full time tattoo artist. I actually limit myself for two clients per day, because it actually used a lot of energy. I need to focus, so it won’t get sloppy in the making.”

Did you learn it by yourself, or take a course for it?

“Hmm I think I self-taught myself most of it. But of course I asked around about the basic things about tattoo-ing with seniors. I never took tattoo class or anything in term to learn it. Yet I should be taking an apprenticeship first before, but it was unfamiliar here years ago. Maybe it’s different this time, I saw a lot of new tattoo artists take apprenticeship first.”

Being a woman tattoo artist for a while, have you ever got painful words for others?

“Thank God I haven’t get such words throwing at me. And I feel thankful because today’s millennials welcome this kind of job already. Even some of their parents are accepting it. Because on my early days, my parents also hesitated at first, but when they saw me earned well, they slowly accepted it too.”

What keeps you going?

“Hmm I don’t know (laugh). Because I enjoy the job, I don’t feel obligated to anyone but myself. No pressure while I draw the tats on someone’s body.”

If you feel tired or bored with job, what would you do then?

“I take days off and travel around mostly. I mean I had appointments every single day and I have no free day during the week. And by then, I would take a month or two off and go somewhere. I like to travel a lot.”

And if you didn’t pursue your dream as tattoo artist, what kind of job that you would like to try?

“Since I have the background in design, I probably would be an illustrator. I just enjoy art and drawing.”

Ever thought that it would be hard to find fashion style because of your tattoos?

“I don’t have any problem on that actually. I wear what I like, and I don’t mix and match clothes to match it with my tattoos. I just don’t pay attention to it (laugh).”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Nadia Renata

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