Get to Know Semarang’s Latest Instagenics Spots

From Election to Easter, what a week we had – care for a last minute escape?

The fifth biggest city in Indonesia is more than just a business hub – take a look at our must-visit list on the coastal city:
1. Brown Canyon Cliff
The sensation of the US’ Grand Canyon without going all the way there; just visit Sendangmulyo, Tembalang, Semarang. The rocky cliffs make a perfect background for photoshoot – especially when the weather is sunny.
2. Gedong Songo Temple
The temple isn’t new to travelers – yet recently its popularity rises due to the increase of Instagram posts regarding the site. Use some props to make for Instagram feeds more mesmerizing – from hot air balloon, bubbles, dolls, etc. Get a cool sense of historical site-meets-contemporary arts feel.
3. Gombel Hill: Tabanas Park

Come here for a late-night photo sesh – in which the beauty of the city can be seen (best at night), from the iconic Simpang Lima to the port. If you’d like to stay longer, good accommodations can be found easily.

So, which one is your favorite?
Source: iNews

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