Get Your Comfort Pizza at Sliced Pizza

Calling out those who look out for the most modern comfort food around, we present you the OG taste of pizza, at Sliced Pizza in Jakarta.

Inspired by the high demand of a high quality pizza in the area, Sliced Pizza is launched in 2018. Opened their first branched in Terogong and SCBD area, Sliced Pizza offers the OG taste of pizza that you can get from nowhere else.

With over than 10 menus on the list, Sliced Pizza specializes in fast delivery pizza, founded by a group of friends who’s always looked out for pizza every now and then, they inspired from every pizza that they had to create the OG taste of pizza in Jakarta. From Margherita to Cheese Burger, Sliced Pizza is offering so many types of toppings that will change your pizza game. For this one, Letter F must suggest you to try their Special Truffle one and of course, their Deep Fried Pizza. They’re so good.  And you can get all of these millennials food from 25k rupiah to 275k.


Décor wise, Sliced Pizza features the American pizza restaurant vibe that you can get as if you taste the pizza in the Sam’s country—with a big open space area, Sliced Pizza allows you to have a good time with some companions as you dig into their pizzas. Open from Monday to Sunday, you can have your sliced pizzas at Sliced Pizza, Jl. Tulodong Bawah 1 SCBD or for more information you can make a phone call to +6221-297-213-34.

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer: Vicky Melly


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