Getting Personal with the Lovely Lady, Michelle Joan

Meet Michelle Joan, the 25-year-old actress, model and presenter that’s also known as the mind behind ‘Joanyuta’ — an aromatherapy and body care brand. The young starlet shows us a glimpse of her life during our exclusive interview!


What are you up to these days? 
My ongoing projects nowadays include TV series shootings, hosting and I’m also preparing my first single.

Do you have a specific role model in terms of career?
Lots of people have inspired me- I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who have struggled from scratch to mark their name in the industry, and now, they have succeeded. But they don’t stop there – they keep on improving themselves, which inspires me the most.

Speaking of fashion and beauty, we’d like to know your perspective…
In my opinion, fashion and beauty isn’t about looking cool and pretty –  it’s much more than that. Fashion and beauty are our ways of expressing the true self, our signature characters.

Then, how about your personal style? 
My personal style depends much on mood at the time – sometimes you can see me being totally girly, next time I’m boyish! But mostly, I prefer monochromatic hues with simple and casual look.

Can you share us one thing about yourself that the public don’t know?
I can’t stand spicy foods!


Interview by Olivia Elena Hakim
Photographer: Kevin Aulia
Stylist: Rut Caroline
Makeup Artist: Jilly Loren
Hari Stylist: Zuljan Apriliani Sembiring

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