Ginger Ale DIY to Accompany Your Rainy Days

Rainy season got you feeling blue all the time? Let’s boost up your mood with some home-made ginger ale!


Ginger ale is known as the refreshing drink of the cold season abroad – it’s easy to make and guarantee a great me-time for you! Let’s chill it out with a glass of ginger ale. Here’s how!
1/2 cup of ginger (peeled and cut)
1 glass of water
4 inches lemon skin
1 litre of soda
4 tablespoons of sugar
8 ice blocks
  • Pour the water into a pot, heat it on the stove with the ginger and lemon. Wait until it boils.
  • Dim the fire and add sugar. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  • When the sugar has diluted perfectly, turn off the stove.
  • Filter the content of the pot into a large bowl, let it cool off for a while.
  • After it reaches room temperature, you can pour it into a bottle, close the lid tightly and leave it on the refrigerator for an hour.

Voila, you’ve got yourself your stack of ginger ale! Whenever you feel like it, take it and drink with ice blocks. Now you can face the gloomy rainy days with more cheers!


Source: Okezone




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