All The Glitters Are Not Gold—They Are The New Converse

Arriving on a hot summer day, the newly-launched CONVERSE x JW ANDERSON Collection is gleaming in bubbly colors and glitters.

Nike mentioned the collaboration to be “opposite attract”. JW Anderson is perceived as unique and iconic, when Converse stands on the opposite pole with their “one-for-everyone” attitude. Together, they launched a collection named GLITTER_GUTTER, which derives from the literal meaning of “taking the glitter out of context”.

The Londoner applied bright, contrasted pop colors to the collection and mixed it with vintage details and some combinations of material. One of his key pieces is the Chuck ‘70, to which Anderson felt as his personal look.

The second key piece, Thunderbolt, will leave you star-struck. This is where Anderson splashed every color he loves to the collection. In comparison to Chuck, the Thunderbolt has more classic-sporty look for better functionality.

And then there’s the shoe that bears the namesake, the Chuck Grid High Top. The classic canvas shoes feature JW Anderson’s brand monogram along its body. Unlike the rest of the collection, the Grid is tinted in more conservative colors in the likes of red, white, and black.

All in all, we are very much in love with Chuck ‘70 Toy! The pair is made by high-shine patent leather with bursts of cocktail and bubblegum colors.  Trimmed with translucent rubber sole with contrasted colors and completed with furry laces, Toy totally revamped the traditional Chuck ’70 with proper creativity. The high top version of Chuck ’70 Toy has sold out in Nike online store, remarking the hype it deserves.

Source: Highendteen 

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