Global Radio Announcers on The Relevance of Radio Nowadays

Can the digitalization era really rival the longevity presence of the radio? We asked Global Radio FM announcers who feel that there are merits to both—though at the end of the day the importance of the radio can not be rivalled, as concluded.

Each to their own. Having years of experience in the broadcasting industry, Andari, Shandy, Aji, Adit, Rama, Zara, and Aisya, calmly replied how radio will yet to see its end as it constantly adapts to the digital era.

What’s the best thing of being an announcer?
Shandy: “Aside from getting free food each time we mention about our craving on air, I think, and everyone would agree on this, is free passes for concerts and events.”
Andari: “As a woman, what I like about being an announcer is that I don’t have to be detailed about what I wear or put on makeup, so there’s little time to get ready. Also, the personal approach application towards my audience, I couldn’t find this kind of approach elsewhere.”

“Learning so many things since we receive a heap new info on daily basis, plus sharing them to others –this makes me feel good.”


“We can make people happy just by playing their request. That kind of closeness, we can’t get from anywhere else except on the radio.”

As experienced announcers, what do you think would describe one as a good announcer? And do you think you’ve reached that point yet?

“I think that’s for the listeners to judge. From my point of view, a good announcer is not just about forwarding the received info, but to also grasp the context and then deliver it to the audience. Someone who knows how to present themselves to their listeners.”

Andari: “An interesting announcer is someone who has their own personality on air, with confidence. Bringing their uniqueness. Despite having years of experience being an announcer, I think I’m still learning.”
Rama: “Someone who can entertain and make their listeners laugh during their rough days, simply by listening to what the announcers say on the radio.”

“It’s important to relate to people who listen to your words, people would remember what you say.”

Aji: “Someone who can relate to everyone from different background, it’s important to have a broad knowledge about various subjects.”
What do people look in radio nowadays, seeing that everything is all about digitalization.

“Digital era will constantly develop, especially since people discover music streaming and radio streaming. But in reality, there are still so many people who wish to access something for free, seeing that people need to subscribe to music streaming platforms. Plus, what people need the most from radio is the announcers, who would accompany them whenever, wherever. In the future, I think radio needs to keep evolving and adapt to the digital era.”

Shandy: “Will the radio die at the end? As long as people don’t innovate and keep up with the development of the new era, it might just be. But what I believe is that, there is still no media as personal as the radio. Yes, we can freely choose the songs we want from music streaming platforms, but it’s that personal touch—having a person to chat with, people need the interaction.”

“I agree, people will continue to listen to the radio as long as the listeners still feel the closeness from the announcers.”


“I don’t think that radio will die because it changes and keeps adapting to the digital platform.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
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Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
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