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Fashion, for most, is important as it is one of the mediums to express your personality. Fashion is about the clothes we wear, the shoes we walk in, and the style we choose to express. It’s a big part to define personal identity and culture. And Gloria Jessica seconds the notion.

She is one of the contestants in The Voice Indonesia season 2 in 2016, and she later on has signed with Universal Music Indonesia. In between the hectic schedule, GeJe –as she is called, voiced out her opinion on what fashion is about.

What is fashion to you?

“It’s a medium to bring out or to show your personal color, because I think everyone has their own unique color and one of the ways to do it is through fashion. Expressing yourself through your own choice of clothing can enhance your look in your own way.”

Best thing about make up?
“For me, putting on makeup adds that extra confidence level that we sometimes need. Looking wholesome overall, your aura would be more exposed when you wear makeup. You can show off your best feature in your face as well and be proud of it.”
Other than being a musician, what labels would you give yourself?
“I am an artist, a musician, a singer, a daughter, and a human being. People often labeled me as celebrity since I sometimes perform in big media platforms, but I want people to see me as an artist, someone who makes art. In my opinion, celebrity relates more to fame, and personally, fame isn’t everything. I want to deliver quality music that’s memorable to my listeners.”
What inspired you to follow the path that you chose right now?

“The unexpected process and results, I guess? Because I never thought that I would get where I am now. I used to think I would be someone who only works behind the curtain. Honestly, it still shocked me that I get to live this path as my career. I’m looking forward for more opportunities and to always be consistent.”

Aside from fashion, is beauty also important to maintain to you? Why?
“Yes, it is because there’s no do over when it comes to first impression. We’re meant to meet certain people for a reason. And presenting the best version of ourselves through fashion and beauty is important for us and our career.”

What’s the top mantra you’d say to yourself when you’re feeling down?
“Well, can you imagine waking up, looking at yourself in the mirror every day and keep degrading yourself? You will never look good if you don’t even have the confidence that you look good. You have to be confident about yourself in order to look and feel good about yourself and in doing so, looking good in others’ eyes.”
Ever hit rock bottom? How did you get back up from it?

“Dealing with expectations, maybe. During my audition days while I joined the talent shows, there was one video of me that went viral. From that video, people expected so much from me and I ended up letting them down. They thought that ‘Indonesian Adele’ was born, and I wasn’t even that talented to be compared to a big artist to begin with. But since then, I learned from that mindset that these things should have driven and motivated me more to be the best, or at least to be better.”

Your tips to survive in this industry?

“Never stop, keep going. If you make mistakes, then learn from it. Evaluate, improve, and just do it.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: ANJA, Resilen, MUZCA, Moodsociety, Tatara, Guess, Ladness, Jenna and Kaia, EUREKA, YLL, basics q, INPACA, Studio Nine, Clarette, NOHO, LOVO, DUNE, and Saint York, all available on

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