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There’s always newcomers around the corner when it comes to music industry, and hip-hop is not excluded. Imam Servin is certainly one to take notice on. Born and raised in Indonesia, Loic Imam Jean Servin, or Imam for short, is a self-taught rapper from Yogyakarta who has recently hit 800k plays on his track, E.T.

Garnering quiet an attention from his track, Imam is just starting his way to hip hop fans with his other track, Cuban Gelato. Producing and writing his own music, Imam started it all with his debut single, Baddies Lok.  This half French is now part of Plugs and Clout, a home to many rappers, such as Boyboujee, King Cult, Lil Kuzco, Tat Mannerz, 51dji, RafkyBoy, Wang, The Builder, and $ippy $traw Greg.

Before hip hop, what are your recent activities?
“Before I started hip hop, my activities and hobbies were constantly changing, from skateboarding to basketball to cooking and a few other things, but I’ve always been a music person and have always had a good ear for music. When I was 12-13 years old, I wanted to be a DJ focusing on EDM and house music, but after some time it changed again.”
How did you first get into hip hop?

“I first started getting into hip hop by end of the year 2017, I was into Migos, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and more. And I think at the beginning of 2018, I went to a party in Jogja that was organized by Vol. 3—shout out to them, and I remember by then I got quiet numbers of songs already. It was already late but the crowd was still lit and I heard the DJ playing Ski Mask, so I went up on the small stage and just took a microphone and spat the whole song, and that was it. Right by the moment, I held the microphone in my hands and I knew that I want more and this is what I want to do.”

Who is your biggest influence in making your music?
“Biggest influence artist wise was Big Sean, I memorized just about all of his songs and I told myself that I want to do what he does. His songs played a great part of my dream to be in this industry.”
How do you do your music? Do you take music lessons or?
“It came naturally to me, to be honest, I’ve always had a good ear for music and as for the the rapping, I think it just came out of nowhere.”
Your single “E.T” hit 800k and more in Spotify, thoughts?
“I feel blessed that E.T is almost at 1 million streams on Spotify and honestly, I had a feeling that it would grow as much as it did cause the song is fire. Anyway, E.T for me was about being the odd one out there, since I’m a mixed kid, growing up, I had it different than other kids. I went to a national school, and being different than the rest of the kids was a big deal back then. I remember my friends used to call me names, it’s pretty funny if I remember things that happened back then, but I didn’t think this way before. So E.T was basically about being different yet still at the top of everybody else.”
How do you want the world to know you as?

“I’d like to be known as the best performer and rapper to come out of South East Asia.”

What’s your goals next?

“My next goals are just to keep on making bangers and hits, hopefully I’ll get more exposures and secure more shows and festivals in the future.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

Photos courtesy of @imamservin

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