Google Assistant Just Becomes Smarter

Good news for the Forever Alone guys – now Indonesian Google Assistant has been upgraded to a smarter AI tech, giving you all information for your daily needs, or perhaps, a mind-blowing conversation!

Knows as Asisten Google for the Indonesian version, it’s now can be used by Android users, especially the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) version, or iPhone iOS 9.1 above. The AI is developed to help people with their daily needs and requests – from playing a video, searching for location, information on health etc. The scientists at the lab perfected the AI with ability to respond to more spontaneous, natural questions by human being. Check the example below.


“But, I’m such an extroverted social butterfly, I don’t need this pathetic techno-” you may say. Lo, and behold! Asisten Google can connect to Whatsapp and help you send messages to your squads. No more typing! Asisten Google Indonesia is a cooperation project, as they work hand-in-hand with other apps developers: Al-Qolam, Joox, KASKUS, Klikdokter, Mobile Legends, Tebak Gambar, and VIRA from Bank BCA.


Source: Okezone



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