Greenland Has Lost 12.5 Billion Tons of Ice, Breaking Record

Last week, Greenland lost 12.5 billion tons of ice in just a single day as the result of the heatwave hitting Europe at the end of July and reached the Arctic circle.

With landmass normally comprised of 82% ice, but as the temperatures reached 22°C  on August 1st, 60% of the ice sheet showed the signs of melting. This set the record to be second biggest loss since 2012’s heatwave when more than 90% of Greenland’s ice sheet experienced melting. Experts think that a total 197 billion tons of ice has been lost last week. This amount of water would be enough to cover Florida in almost five inches of water.
If the ice continue to melt this way, Greenland alone will add between 5 to 33 cm on the rising global sea levels by 2100. These type of heatwave is actually a common weather events but due to the worsening of global warming, it increases in both the frequency and intensity.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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