Grooming 101 by Arnold Teja

Bagi para fashion enthusiast pasti udah nggak asing lagi dengan sosok Arnold Teja, seorang fashion dan lifestyle blogger yang belakangan ini cukup menarik perhatian. Arnold often inspires his followers in his expertise in mixing and matching clothes, which is supported by his very well-curated photos through his Instagram account @arnoldteja and also his blog at

Karir Arnold sebagai fashion blogger ditekuni sejak tahun 2011, pada saat ia berumur 15 tahun. Dari blognya itu, dia mendapat tawaran untuk menjadi model di salah satu majalah. Setelah itu, ia melanjutkan kuliah jurusan desain grafis dan lulus pada tahun 2017. Dari situlah dia menekuni pekerjaannya sampai sekarang sebagai graphic designer, fashion blogger dan juga model. Well, with having such a handsome face and ideal height, it’s no wonder that now Arnold has so many fans.

Selain menggeluti dunia fashion blogger, ternyata pemuda yang satu ini juga aktif menjadi model di beberapa event dan selalu menjadi pilihan untuk mengenakan brand ternama. Sosok Arnold Teja memang terlihat stylish banget, dan terlihat dari foto-foto yang diunggah di akun Instagramnya. Dia juga salah satu fashion enthusiast yang sangat menjaga kesehatan wajahnya dan mempunyai rutinitas skincare tertentu.  So, it’s not a surprise that he’s always a reference for fashion especially among the youngsters.

Please elaborate your go-to fashion style daily?
I would describe my style as classic and effortless. I enjoy having the classics as a base for my wardrobe, but to make my looks more personal, I enjoy adding a twist.”
Your 3 must-have fashion items? And why are they important for you?
Leather bag, black casual shoes, white shirt. Those are definitely investment pieces, so I don’t mind to splurge on certain ones. They’re classics and can last for years and right for every occasion.”
What fashion trend that you currently like? And any trend that you want to try next?
Color blocking! I’d love to try to jump out of my comfort zone and add mix patterns in my clothing.”
Any grooming treatments?
I get a proper haircut every month, and to give my hair a well-set look, I use wax gel to keep it neat and everything right in place. And during these times, where I mostly stay at home, I shave my facial hair every week. Also, I do manicure and pedicure to keep my nails healthy and clean.
Do you do any skincare routine? What products do you usually wear?
Yes, I do! Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty happy with the skincare routine I’ve tried over the past year. I cleanse my face day and night. Then, toner to soothe and refresh my skin optimally, followed by Vitamin C serum, moisturizer and also sunscreen.”

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