#GroomingHacks by Awan Setiawan

Looking for some fashion ideas and grooming hacks for men? Letter F introduces you, Awan Setiawan. A content creator and also a freelancer stylist who graces his Insta feed with many fashion ideas for men.

His fashion looks on social media drawn got us curious about the creative minds behind all those styles online, thus, through The F Thing’s upcoming series, South North Baes, we got a chance to sit down and have a little conversation with Awan regarding his fashion styles, his inspiration, and also, his grooming hacks.
What is your go-to style?
I’m going with Japanese street style and I’d like people to remember me as one who styles that way. There are so many reasons why I dig Japanese street style, but one of them is because they are pretty affordable comparing to the US one. Also, I like how they’re very brave in combining colors and very experimental with it. They just made the looks become very captivating and I love it.
As a fashion stylist, what are your key fashion items that you can’t live without?
I definitely have my own key fashion items, they are bags, accessories, and hats. In my opinion, they complement my outfits look livelier and more stylish. By wearing all of those together, I feel like my fashion is just complete.
How about grooming? Do you think it’s important?
Grooming is really important, and I hope everyone will also realize that this is an important thing. For me, my kind of grooming is through perfume and simple face routine. I meet a lot of people for my work, so I prefer to present the best of myself well. I do some simple make up routine on a daily basis, I groom my hair as well, thus I’ll be looking fresh and bring the best out of myself anytime.
Then what is your grooming treatments that you do?
I have a pretty sensitive skin and my daily activities trigger my skin to be even more sensitive each day, thus I personally pay more attention to my skin by having a monthly treatment for my skin.
Look 1

Steal His Style!

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Steal His Style!

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
Stylist: Salsabila Sari

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