Gucci Gang Gal, Valerie Thomas


Born into an artistic family, Valerie Thomas knows what her major goal in life. She doesn’t want to be judged only by her high-profile surname – so she tried her best to present her self-identity; which includes studying abroad to broader her vision and gain much more than she already achieve. Letter F stole her little time for this interview and photo-shoot session.


What makes you busy these days?

“I’m actually pretty busy the second I arrived here. Taking care of my latest activity, Project Bhinneka, I spent my time to have meetings and bantering with Haikal (laugh). But thank God, he was here with me to settle up everything with the project. We got each other back, so I don’t feel exhausted doing the thing. I mean, best friends need to support each other; we have to grow and share our value. Beside that I was busy with new movie promotion, 13 the Haunted which has been released on July 28th. Also my new lipstick collection – I release Volume 1 and Volume 2. For the latter, it’s already available in Sephora. For the next one, I probably will release my eyeshadow, highlighter, and two-sided lipstick and lip-gloss.”

Do you have any spare time though?

“I really don’t have any spare time for myself though. I mostly spent it by sleeping. There was one time when I have a free time, it was only 30 minutes by the way, and I asked Haikal to take me riding the Vespa around the city.”

Being a part of the millennials, are you satisfied with your achievement right now?

“I’m satisfied enough but I still have a lot to work for. Also I’m very thankful for the platform that we have. But again, I’m greedy for another achievements.”

Your major accomplishment in life, then?

“I think it’s a bit hard to answer. Because if you ask us in three years, maybe it’ll change from my answer now. But as for now, my ideal of major accomplishment is to be taken seriously by the industry. I’m trying my best in doing what I love the most up till now.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Makeup Artist: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin

Photographer: Rendra Martin

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