Gwen Stefani was Chosen to be the Fashion Icon of 2019

Singer and Designer, Gwen Stefanie was recently named the Fashion Icon of 2019. The award will be received at the 2019 People’s Choice Awards next November.

The vocalist of the band No Doubt was chosen for her consistency in the fashion world as an eccentric designer who always combined pop and punk styles in one look. With this award, Stefani followed in the footsteps of another pop star, Victoria Beckham, who won the same award in 2018 for the first time.
Gwen Stefani released the L.A.M.B fashion line in 2004 and was successful in the market after several unique appearances at New York Fashion Week. The name L.A.M.B itself was taken from her first solo album, Love Angel Music Baby (LAMB), which was released in November 2004.
Her clothing design is also often worn by other Hollywood celebrities, such as Cameron Diaz, Sophia Bush, to Paris Hilton.
Source: V Radio

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