Ha Sung Woon Will be Single for the Next 10 Years

The WannaOne former member, Ha Sung Woon is predicted to be single for the next 10 years.

One astrologer in the JTBC Today’s Fortune program predicts Ha Sung Woon’s romance will be held back until 2024. In fact, according to him, he is a figure who easily falls in love.
Responding to such news, Ha Sung Woon also commented, “I easily fall in love with fans, but it’s not easy to part with them,” he said as quoted by dreamers.id.
Meanwhile, traditional Korean fortune tellers also predict the same thing. “I have a different opinion. I don’t think he will have luck in love for the next 10 years. Hearing that, Ha Sung Woon was overjoyed and applauded. According to him it was actually positive because it gave goodness to Ha Sung Woon’s career as a K-pop idol. Ha Sung Woon said, he is a shy figure so approaching women is not easy for him
Source: Okezone


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