Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

Halloween is no longer time for tricks or treats, but it’s all about get yourself a daybreak and spoil yourself with some movies that can raise your heartbeat. Here are curated horror movies for your Halloween night.

October is here and it’s only few days left until Halloween night. As there are so many pubs getting ready to throw their own Halloween night with parties, we understand that there are also some homebodies who prefer night-in better. So to accompany your 31st night, here are some Halloween movies to watch on Netflix:
  • 1922
No one describes horror and thriller better than Stephen King, and this is one of his heart pounding works, Hush. A story about a farmer who murders his own wife and wrote his confession over a letter. It turns out, that his wife death is just the beginning of a ghoulish tale.

  • Hush
The movie who was presented at SXSW Film Festival will give you more than a goosebump. From the director of Occulus, Hush tells about a deaf young woman who lives by herself in the woods. Everything seemed fine until one night a masked killer appear by her window.

  • Veronica
The movie has the set of 1991 in Madrid. It tells about a teen girl who tried to make a contact with the dead with some of her friends at school. Thought the experiment failed, she realized something is after her once she got home to watch after her siblings and everything went wrong ever since.

  • I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House
The story is about a young nurse who recently moved in to take care of an elderly who lives in a house where someone has previously died before. The nurse felt something is off ever since she came, with how the grandma acts and the mold that appears in the house. There’s a pretty woman lives by their side and she can’t see her.

  • Apostle
The movie takes you back to 1905 where a cult is taking power over people all across the land. A brother is on his own mission to rescue his kidnapped sister who slipped her foot to a sinister religious cult on an isolated island.

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Picture courtesy: editions fractales

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