How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro

As long as you live, you will always receive criticism in your life, that’s what you called living.  In life there will always be responses for whatever you’re doing, if you never received one then you haven’t done anything to your life.

A general rule for handling criticism is an understanding that the bigger accomplishment that you get, the bigger criticism you’ll be getting. However, not everyone can handle criticism with an open heart and here are the steps to handle criticism like a pro;
Understand where the critique is coming from
Being doubted and roasted about your ideas or your results can be hurtful, but they may not be intentional, especially when it comes from someone related to the field. You may take their points and locate them as the parts you can improve in the future.
Don’t take it personally
Your heart might tickled a bit when you heard something hurtful after working so hard on something, but never take it personally, instead ask them their opinion on how you can improve those areas they’re pointing at.
Embrace failure
Everyone has their days, so never let your failure to halt you down. Take the mistakes that you made as a lesson for you to be better next time.
Put the negativity aside
Whenever a critique is come to your face, don’t stop them from spitting it out, but listen to what that person has to say. Formulate their critiques to something you can use to grow bigger and don’t let them eat you out, instead say thank you.
Don’t stop
Never stop at whatever you’re doing just because of the harsh criticisms that you get. Fix what you need to fix but never let the comments tumble you down.


Source: Andrews, A. 2006. The Dalmatian and The Heron: PowerSource; entrepreneur; TED Talk.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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