What Happened to Starbucks after the Philadelphia Incident

Millennials’ unofficial co-working space, a.k.a. Starbucks, have made headlines recently after a racial incident happened in Philadelphia. CEO Starbucks came to the rescue and issued statement that hopefully will change the face of Starbucks.

If you happened to miss the news, a racial incident occurred recently at Philadelphia’s Starbucks involving two black men who visited the place and asked to use the toilet facilities. As they didn’t order any beverages, the staff decided to call the cops. Both men arrested and handcuffed out of the place, created a scene and of course, it went viral as the other guests recorded and shared the video while murmured about unfairness, over-reacting, etc.

CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, didn’t stall a single second to react. He apologized and released the two men, and fired the Philadelphia staff. “All people are welcomed to use Starbucks area, including terrace, café or toilet, whether they’re buying or not,” the spokesperson of Starbucks, Haley Drage, stated.

Source: Okezone 

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