Harlow Muhammad’s Heart and Mind in Business

Having a degree in marketing business shaped Harlow Muhammad, or Lalo as he is called, into having a business mindset. The Prasetya Mulya Business School graduate has a few other businesses prior in handling MULA Coworking Space in Cilandak Town Square.

During the time, coworking space was yet to be big as it is today. Though through perseverance, Harlow and his friends pulled through and has since contributed many reliable workshops for MULA circa January 2018.

Being someone who is so business minded, did you handle other businesses before MULA?
“I do a lot of businesses before from a beauty clinic, event organization, food court business, and other businesses where I was hired as a consultant for the business management. For me, I believe that my past experiences could be a strong foundation for my future business. As for now, I only take business as my main focus as it is a hobby and a passion at the same time.”
How do you divide your time? And though the core is all business, but the area itself that’s explored is different. How you keep yourself focused in each one of them?
“I am used to do my business remotely, I used to take care of business in other cities though I stay in Jakarta. But after I settle down with MULA, I started working from an office. However, through my experiences from working remotely, I am used to be versatile in my works so I learned to make use of my time.”

“I believe that what is meant for you will come to you and what is not will never be yours. I’m learning to recognize my limit and not to go over that limit—that does not mean I stop before I fight, per se, but more about pushing my limit to the very best. As I’m gaining more experiences from here and there, I also am getting older, hence I try to control myself, how to keep myself in balance.”

“To unwind, I just turn off my gadgets and recharge myself at home, cause if I go out I will be going back to talk about business, even just with my friends.”
Though meeting friends can sometimes turn into a business chat, right?
“Lately, I try to use my free time to do some work out instead. MULA is located in a mall so I get to meet my friends during working hours if they happen to be around the area, which means I get a free time after works, so I use it to work out at least three times a week.  ‘Work hard, play hard is not even my vibe anymore, cause I gotta balance when I have to stay up all night and having more time to myself.”
To begin a business is obviously a tricky, one sometimes does not have the guts to start. Can you share some game plan for newbies?

“The most important thing is to know what you’re doing and measure it well. Just like what my mentors used to tell me: the important things in business are validation and literation. These two things are what I always take as references in my businesses. So when we’re doing something, we have to know the first knowledge behind it and validating everything before in order to do things well calculated.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Location: Lei Lo Jakarta

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