Have You Heard about the Cough Syrup-flavored Bubble Tea?

Americans are having cough syrup boba drink this holiday season – an emerging bizarre trend that we Asians couldn’t comprehend.


Bubble tea is a very common drink, especially among us Asians. But so far there aren’t many flavor that will make you go ‘wow’ once you’ve heard the name. Our choice of boba drink is also limited to these two mainstreams: Milk tea as the most common, and not so long ago, we’ve been blessed with cheese tea.

All this delicious drinks might give Labobatory, a bubble tea house located in San Gabriel, California, a new idea. They mix Pei Pa Koa or known as ‘Obat Batuk Ibu dan Anak’ in Indonesia, with green tea! And here comes the ‘Cough Syrup Green Tea’! The syrup itself was made of herbal supplement with mint taste. It’s usually drunk with a teaspoon to relief sore throats and cough, but some people also mix it with warm water.
The tea house decided to sell it as a part of their holiday menu for Christmas. Upon hearing the news, internet has gone wild with all the positive comments. The innovation is praised by the majority of netizens. So, would you want to try it?
Writer: Ervina Michelle LIem
Editor: Olivia Elena

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