Having a Side Crush While in a Relationship?

Noticing someone’s attractiveness and developing a crush is a feeling that is beyond your control, but how do you handle the crush is in your hands. Then what happens when you find a crush while being in a relationship?

  • The Overwhelming Feelings
It’s hard to explain the feeling of having a crush, but once it’s there and you’ll know it immediately. The excitement feeling will slightly be more intense and challenging as you are keeping it secretly for your own satisfaction and because you already are belonged to someone else.
  • The Doubts
As fun as it feels, sooner or later you will begin questioning yourself about your feelings and eventually comparing the crush to your current significant other. That’s the doubt that you should think thoroughly and reflect it to yourself.
  • The Untold Secret
Feeling guilty and wanting to come clean to your partner are absolutely normal, but do they gain anything from this information? Ask this question to yourself before you drop the bomb whether you should keep the secret forever or risking it all to clear the conscience.
  • The Change
After all, the feeling might shifted your relationship in some ways, but if you see it from the other side, you might get another positivity for your relationship. You may learn how to stay loyal to your partner, to enjoy the ride without having to be inside the roller coaster and lastly, you can implement your fresh feelings to your partner and be the lovebirds as you were once in the past.

Developing a crush when you’re already in a relationship is normal, but what you’re going to do about is the one who will judge your next actions about it.


Source: Refinery29 & Huffpost
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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