Having Lots of Challenging Scenes, Abimana Aryasatya Counts on Stuntman

The famous actor Abimana Aryasatya plays the character Sancaka in the movie Gundala. To smoothen every scene he plays, he also gets help from a stuntman.

Although there were many challenging scenes that he did during the shooting, Abimana claimed to be very comfortable, especially when wearing Gundala costumes.
During the shooting process, Abimana said that he did not face any obstacles when portraying the character of Sancaka, who could change his form to become Gundala. It’s just because the movie Gundala does not use a green screen and the shooting is really done directly that Abimana was dehydrated to do the scenes.
Gundala began airing in cinemas in Indonesia on Thursday 29 August. Abimana hopes that his latest movie will get the appreciation from the public.
Source: iNews

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