He Says It’s Polyamorous, or Maybe He’s Just a F*ckboy

Confuse about where you’re standing in the relationship? Getting more hardship than affection from your current love interest? Watch out maybe he’s a fckboy.

The term “f*ckboy” described in Urban Dictionary as a guy who plays with girl’s feelings, not really liking them, he basically just play around to lead the girl to fulfill his emotional or sexual needs.  Now, here are the things you need to note in order to get away from a f*ckboy.
  1. He complimented you on things, but when you’re not interested, he will turn completely different towards you. They might even shame you.
  2. They don’t want to put any labels on your relationship. Because basically, they don’t commit ever to anything that includes feelings. What they do is to only benefit himself.
  3. They reply your text really late (like after 3 days? Or maybe even weeks), and when they reply they play pretend as if nothing happened. No, they were not busy, they just not really interested in you, or maybe, they just don’t need your emotional affection yet.
  4. They confuse you. They ignore you, but when you’re about to walk away from their life they will just shower you with compliments, so they can win you back. When you ask something, they never answer straightly to the point.
  5. They are very manipulative. Even if in one position they know their faults, they can always play the words, or play with your feelings so they will make you feel guilty.
  6. They always blame other things for their faults. They might even blame you for caring too much.
  7. They don’t leave trace in social medias, because they know they are not settling with only one girl, they are playing with many.
Now you know the signs, take a step back and think clearly what do you really want from him. If you’re not planning to settle, you might like their game. But most people do want certainty when it comes to relationship. And this guy is not giving you any certainty. If you ever feel confuse about your position in a relationship, or he giving you more hardship than affection, you better walk out that door and live a happier life. There are many things in life, but surely you don’t need any of that toxicity.
Writer: Safira Nurihsani Azzahra
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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