Here’s the Most Effective Ways to Avoid Smartphone Overheating

Our handphone can be hotter that usual once in a while – do you know, overheating can affect your gadget’s performance, even break the engine? Here’s how to avoid it!

When fully-charged, don’t expose your gadget to heat. Also, don’t wait for the battery to be drained out to 0% before charging it. At the level 30% is the best time to charge it and prevent overheating.

Power Saving
Don’t wanna sound like yo momma, but please don’t play too much mobile game or watch too much video on your phone. Also, avoid using Bluetooth feature for too long – the most preferable and healthy connection to your gadget is a good wifi connection.

No Case
Some type of case or cover may trap the heat that’s unleashed from the gadget. If you’re using case, put it off once in a while.

No Sunray 
Don’t leave your phone under the sunlight, definitely!

 Source: iNews

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