Here’s Our List of Travel Gifts on a Budget!

Sometimes when you are on your travelling mode, you can’t help but thinking: what to bring home? In every place you visit, there will be a very specific thing or souvenir that reminds you to the place. But no, you don’t have to break your budget to find the perfect gifts for your family and close friends. Gift giving is a great way to show them how much they mean to you.

Although it can also be a challenge because you will be wondering what to get to them to show just how much you care? But fear not, shopping and gift-giving should be fun – not stressful or burden you.


The continent is famous for the quality of its opals. You can find the large variety of opal products in Sydney. The gems can be a good investment or just a pretty souvenir from the country which famous for its wildlife.


There’s no better souvenir from Japan rather than its alcohol. Yep, you can bring home sake as it’s one of the famous traditional alcohol.


You can bring back home a package of silk saree. It’s made in brilliant handwork because it’s an unique piece of Indian culture.


We actually want to suggest a bouquet of tulip but alas, it won’t last long. But you can buy custom clogs for your loved ones. Isn’t it sweet to have their names crafted on the wooden shoes?

New York, USA

The thing is you can also bring back New York original taste back home. Buy Fox’s U-Bet original chocolate flavor syrup as it’s one of classic NYC treat with essential ingredient for an egg cream.


Meanwhile if you are going to visit relatives abroad, bring back Indonesian fabric, sarong, with a touch of our culture all over it. Buy the sarong here




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